How to Be SuperMan, Wonder Woman or A Great Martial Artist

We live in a time when “hacks” or 4 hour plans to master XYZ are commonplace. They are the so-called short cuts to learning a language or how to cook or play the guitar. Do they work? Seriously, do you really think you can master a language or become a chef in 3 or 4 hours. Or a weekend training.

There is one way however, to become that master of an art. It has worked for centuries and centuries and will continue to work for eternity, for every single person who applies this approach. It may not become a theme for a best selling book or make someone an international speaker. It is not very sexy or original or even fun. In fact, some people may be disappointed by the bland simplicity of it.

Want to excel as a martial artist? Or a writer? Or drummer? Or whatever it is you wish to become something special in?

The way to become Superman or Wonder woman is this — keep your word. 

You committed to a task, a class, a project? Show up. Keep your word.

You decided to training 4 times a week, regardless of external circumstances? Do it. Keep your word.

Class is only twice a week. As such, your clear intention and goal is to make it every single time. Mind you, you may get a flat tire or the kids may be sick or the dog needs to go to the vet. Life happens. Keep your word and show up any way.

Nothing is more powerful than your word. It is the mode of communication, spoken by your Deepest Self. Your Word is the pure Path that lead to the doorway of dreams. Keep your word and it will open, revealing priceless gifts.

Keeping your word takes effort, flexibility and the realization that you matter — to others and to yourself, for both they AND you are listening at all times.

Maybe you don’t need to be a Superman or Wonder woman. Maybe jamming guitar lessons into 3 hours or “hacking” Russian language or Systema,  is not your thing. Just keep your word.


After all that is enough.