Early Seminar Announcement

If you are the planning type, please mark your calendar for FEBUARY 16th, 2013.

Central FL Systema is proud to announce our “Strike Zone Mastery” seminar. It will be held at our training facility, Jessie Brock Center, in Winter Garden from 10am – 4pm (with a 90 min lunch break in between).

The seminar will feature acupuncture points and active zones that are use both for healing purposes as well as combat. Concepts such as meridians, acu points, applied kinesiology and herbal medicine from the health side will be presented as well as Russian-specific kicking, take downs and punch/kick defense from the combat side.

Free gifts and samples as well as opportunities to purchase products will also be available. Lunch will feature guest demonstrations such as Kyudo (Japanese archery), Iaido (sword) and others.

This is a unique seminar. You know many way HOW to defend or take down your opponent. This seminar will address WHERE the ideal locations are on the body.

Mark you calendar! We will have a packed house for this one.