200 and What It Really Means

We are approaching the 200 views mark on YouTube for our recently released CFL Systema clip. Overall, it has been quite an interesting experience.

For starters, I recognized early on that the preparation, participation, editing and dealings with the viewing is as much a part of martial arts as kick defense is. You deal with stress of preparation — finding the right people at the right price. Dealing with the nerves of being on camera. Dealing with the nerves of showing this to the people like Vlad who mean a great deal to me. Dealing with showing it to the public. In short. . . baring one’s soul. It is not the most difficult thing we will ever do in our lives, but it is not the easiest ever, either.

98 percent of the feedback has been incredible. For this, I am most appreciative. The comments from students, fellow teachers, other martial arts masters, friends and those that I have never met has been rewarding. To all, I am thank each one of you. The amount of work and energy that went into this was tremendous, much, much, MUCH more than anticipated. To be acknowledged for this is very warm feeling.

Yes, this was a lot of fun and it already is generating much interest (and new students). However, the biggest lesson is that when you fully commit to martial arts, everything you do is a reflection of this commitment. You need not be in class or in a seminar to be learning the true value of martial arts.

UPDATE: We are over the 215 views mark as of Halloween!