Introduction to Our Book Entitled “Taking Strikes”

Here is our Introduction to our soon to be released book “Taking Strikes” by the Central Florida Systema school members. . . . . . .



Take a handful of people and ask them about their experiences in Systema, and you will have a handful of vastly different stories.

That is what this book is about. A vastly different group of men and women – some with extensive martial arts training and others with none – who have come together over the years and become part of Central Florida Systema school.

These are our stories.

This book is not about instructions or a “how to learn Systema” manual. Any martial artist worth their salt knows you cannot learn an art from a book or DVD. This book is about the personal side to this incredible art.

It is our hope that by reading our stories, you will be inspired to train, motivated to train harder and experience fully what Systema has to offer.

Some people train for protection. Others train because their job demands it. Most of us train for different reasons.

We are not police officers or SWAT team members. We do not have extensive histories of physical conflict. No one will be joining the UFC. We are parents, Internet business owners, salespeople, runners and of course, Systema practitioners. We want to learn this art because we love it.

We also have a secret to share and it is this: We train to become better people. We do not leave our daily problems outside the school door. We bring it with us and by working with Systema and the energy, we work out our problems.

We do not always know how this works – only that it works.

It is the ultimate win/win. We get to train and become more physically fit. We get to train and become better people.

And oh by the way, defending ourselves and our family is not a problem either.

These are our stories. We hope they are inspirational to read as they were to experience.

One last suggestion. . . .

Join our class and Create your own experiences.