Book Update



A couple of notes about our upcoming book, “Taking Strikes: Lessons Learned in Systema:”

– The above is the cover we are going with. Though it was a difficult choice between the 4, the majority of people liked this one. I think it is a quality, eye-catching one as well. Tough choices. All 4 were great.

– IF YOU HAVE additional chapters AND/OR a dedication, please send it to me this week. I will have the draft completed this week and it won’t be long for the final. I am waaaaaay ahead of schedule here.

– By the end of the month. . . . it will be available!


I would like to thank everyone who participated in this venture. Your stories were inspirational, informative and unique. Your writing styles were stunning; that is, the level of skill was truly amazing. For many of you, this is a (now, not-so-hidden) talent that I would strongly encourage you to pursue.

Best of all, each of your written material was genuine. I think people relate to pure, genuine truth and upon reading these, will be inspired to take action or further their studies.

Sometimes we make a difference by what we do. Sometimes by what we say. You are now making a difference by what you have written.

You never know the favorable impact it will have!