Ground Work Seminar: FL Systema Group

This past Saturday, Florida Systema Group featuring Systema Sarasota (Marc Bresee, Instructor) hosted our monthly training. Per usual, they did an outstanding job, providing great information and hospitality. Is there anything better than a friendly, respectful atmosphere coupled with great training from quality people?!

The focus of the training was primarily on ground work. One of Marc’s students, Nick, had spent the past year training with Vlad in Toronto. His skill level was excellent, moving in a relaxed yet purposeful fashion while the training partner often struggled or used tremendous amounts of energy. It was a classic example of relaxation overcoming tension, Systema style.

We also covered dealing with strikes with eyes closed or blindfolded, multiple opponents and a host of other topics. The highlight for me was right in the beginning – training exercises. These were come of the most creative, yet physically demanding moments I have seen in Systema. It combined strength building, breath training, flexibility and continual movement, all within team-oriented exercises. A lot of sweat and even more laughter marked the morning.

Overall, it was another solid training session and a building block for the schools associated with Florida Systema Group.

Next up for FL Systema Group will be be a 2-day training on October 13-14 in Sarasota, sponsored by Systema Sarasota. Following this, I will be teaching on November 3rd at Berkoot in Sarasota. The subject will be “Strike Zone: How to Hit and How to Heal.”

On a side note, I am absolutely thrilled to have Central Florida Systema school a part of the FL Systema Group. Aside from top notch training, it has led to new friendships as well as a deepening of friendships with others. I am most thankful to Alex, Marc,  Kenny and Peter for setting this up and for the invitation to become a part of this growing movement.

Thank you my friends.