Vlad’s Seminar a HUGE Success

Think of all of the adjectives for the word “exceptional” and each one would fit as a description for this week.  It was an energy packed, inspiring combination of demos by the master, Vlad, meeting new people from around the globe and a lot of happy people mixed in. Overall, it was a gigantic success across the board.

Friday night was the perfect set up for the weekend. A series of basic and advanced breathing drills, coupled with standing Systema movement drills took place. There were about 60-70 practitioners who took part in this introduction and all left with a sensed of relaxed anticipation.

Saturday and Sunday were awe inspiring. I have had the good great fortune of working with some of the top martial arts in aikido, karate, kumdo and other arts and I have to say, Vlad is the best I have ever seen in any art.  The easy of movement, the creativity of strikes and parrying and the endless list of intangible qualities is simply amazing. I was 6 feet away from him when he was doing demos and it was hard to describe what I was seeing. The big smiles and laughter of my fellow Systema practitioners confirmed my feelings as well.

Overall, it was a spectacular experience, one that I will always appreciate.

On a side note, 2 of the most rewarding feelings were:

1. Seeing how many members of Central FL Systema were present and how EVERYONE conducted themselves with dignity, class and honor.

2. To be told on several occasions. . . yet again. . . what a wonderful group of individuals I have in our school.

Neal, Carlos, Carlos, Gary, Craig, Garth and Mark deserve tremendous credit. Thank you guys. You brought honor to yourselves and our school.