Largest to Date

Last night was a big night for Central Florida Systema school. Literally.

Happy to say that we had our largest class ever! Aside from our usual group of die-hards, we had 4 new people as well. It was both humbling and very rewarding. A huge thanks to everyone who is a part of our growing school.

People are looking for something different, something more than a black belt mill. Systema is certainly filling that need. It provides not only a viable and powerfully effective self defense style, it is a way of life. I have said this many times – your life is reflected on the training floor. When you work your problems out on the floor, they typically resolve in life too. Why? The short answer is that stuck energy is allowed to flow. If it flows in one area, it will flow in all areas.

Come join us on Mondays! Get in the Flow!