Winter Weapons Seminar

I do my best to temper my expectations but at times, my excitable nature gets the best of me.

Yesterday, Peter Carbone Sensei came to teach the Winter Weapons Camp seminar. I had trained with Carbone Sensei for the past 2 years and was taken aback by his skill and ability to convey information. I would say he is one of the very best martial artists AND teachers I have ever had the good fortune of knowing. As such, you can image that my expectations for this year’s training were very, very high.

They were not met.

In fact, they were . . . once again. . .exceeded. 

Carbone Sensei has accumulated a gigantic library of information that he not only has collected, but has learned to apply in his art. Of great value to us is his ability to present this information in a unique, entertaining and meaningful fashion. This is certainly the mark of a master.

We covered the nunchaku, bo, knife and tanbo training during this 8 hour session. I had not trained in nunchaku in 25 years  and frankly was not too eager to pick it up again.

Here was one of my major lessons of the day: Don’t anticipate or create stories prior to an event. Be still. Be silent and do. Afterwards, ask the question, “How did that feel?”  Everything prior to the actual participation is a fairy tale, having no basis in truth. My story prior to dusting off my nunchakus was nothing like the reality of training with them. Where else is this showing up in my life? A question I will keep in the forebrain. . . . . . 

Two minutes into the training, I could not get that silly smile off my face. I thoroughly loved it! Of course, this was a phrase and a reaction that I would consistently have throughout the course of the day.

Aside from the remarkable training, it was great to see some friends I had not seen in a year, John Krieger Sensei being one of them. It was equally rewarding to meet new people and have the opportunity to train with some of the most skilled martial artists from around the globe. My new friend John Lynn Sensei was the star in this regard.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience. Then again, when you train with a true master, what else can you expect?!