Seminar This Saturday

Our big seminar is THIS SATURDAY, beginning at 9am. Please be sure to attend and train with 2 absolutely great Systema Masters, David and Rick Merrell.

We will start at 9am at Rose Place Park and go until we run out of gas.

David & Rick Merrell Seminars Dates:

February 18, 9am to 3-ish 

(Next one: March 17, 9am to 3-ish

It is an honor. David and Rick are 2 of the best teachers of anything I have ever had and certainly THE best Systema instructors in America.
Each session will be $50 and will average about 5-6 hours long. We typically have about 10 people so a lot of personal attention is given. Again, a rare opportunity to improve your skills.
These seminars are OPEN to the public so please feel free to bring your friends along.

Thank you.

David Orman
Certified Systema Instructor
407 810 2171