2012 First Quarter Seminar Listings for Central Florida Systema School

Here is the schedule for next year already. As mentioned, we have at least 12 people from our school who are attending the seminar in Tampa. As such, we will begin an intensive preparation, particularly starting in January.

The schedule is as follows:

David and Rick Merrell Seminars

  • February 18 
  • March 17
The cost of each will be $50. Please plan on these. As you know, they are my  teachers and I have the highest respect for them. They know Vlad well and will be of tremendous help to us as always.
We will start at 9am and go to around 3pm or so for both of these.
Our school will be doing Saturday training on the following dates:
  • February 4 
  • February 25
  • March 3
  • March 10
  • March 31
  • April 7
  • April 14
We will start at 10am and go until around 1pm. Even if you can only make an hour,
it would be helpful to do so.
We will cover A-Z, from rolling to breath work to strikes to knife and a ton in between.
IF YOU HAVE a special request (something you may be struggling with), please let me know PRIOR to the date and we can focus on this.
NOTE:  David and Rick Merrell’s 2 seminars WILL be OPEN to the public. If you have friends who wish to attend, bring them along.
Our sessions WILL BE CLOSED* to the public except by invitation.
* If you know of people who wish to  train, please contact me and we can work thisout on an individual basis. The cost for non-school people to train is $20.