10,000 Hours

My reading style comes in streaks. There are times when I cannot look at a book and other times when I cannot read enough. I am currently on the latter side.

Of the last several that I have complete, a theme has been present. Regardless of the topic, economic status of the individual or their race or sex and any other factor you can think of, those who have achieved mastery of a given subject have done so by following by principle — 10, 000 hours; that is, they trained, practiced, rehearsed, worked out, prepared, studied and sweated their way until they reached the 10,000 hour mark. Bill Gates did this with the computer. Yo Yo Ma with the cello. Undoubtedly Vlad and Michael are well beyond this mark. Ask anyone who is a master at anything and inevitably the same numerical figure comes forth.

10,000 hours.

It is very clear at our classes or other classes and seminars. Yes, there are those who are tremendously gifted athletically but at the end of the day, those who work the hardest and smartest and are willing to put the time in, regardless of circumstances, are the ones who eventually rise to the top. They are the masters-in-training.

Former legendary football coach, George Allen said it best: “People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they just don’t quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to and put in the time.” 

If you want to quit anything, perhaps quit talking, making excuses and continue doing. Continue on your quest to 10,000 hours.

Mastery awaits!