No Good Deed Shall Go Un. . . . .Rewarded

You know the Murphy’s Law approach to good deeds – No good deed shall go unpunished.

Sometimes in our lives, it seems all too true. We assist a person, help out with a problem, lend a hand to someone in need. . . only to have said person respond in shall we say, less than kind. Not quite what we anticipated or expected. C’est la vie.


Then there is the other side of the coin. The moments when we do something with a giving heart, bringing along a grand total of zero expectations. . . only to be rewards in a surprising way. Such was the case today.

Some 6 months ago, a small group of us were training in Systema at Rose Park. A gentleman and his 2 young sons, ages 11 and 9 respectively asked if they could participate. Let me pause here just a second.

Some people are good at teaching kids. Some are very good at this. Others are absolutely great at it. Yours truly is at the far end of the far end of this spectrum. To say it is not a skill is like saying there is a wee bit of sand in the Sahara. Knowing this, I make sure I included the phrase, “. . . must be 18 years or older” in my School’s contract with every student. I realize you cannot be good at everything but it is remarkable how one person can be soooo bad at this. In any event, back to the story.

I told him it would be fine and he along with his boys, joined us for some good, hard training. Nothing really remarkable occurred, or so it seemed.

Fast forward a half of a year and the same gentleman called today to say that all is now well in his (financial) life and he would like to begin training with us. For about 2 minutes, he presented one of the most glowing reviews of that Saturday’s training I have ever heard. It was very humbling, rewarding and well, odd. I only had a vague recollection of this and probably could not pick him out of a line up of 3 people.

Here is where Murphy (as in Murphy’s law) would be cringing. . . Much to my great surprise and delight, he will be training with us and is very committed to the art.

Along with 4 of his friends.

Five more new students!

I found this to be a powerful lesson — The fastest way to receive is to give, because giving starts the reciprocal action of receiving. And so the circle continues.

Yes, I know it is not  a novel idea, nor is it meant to be. Rather it is a reminder —  a strong reminder that what we do matters, even the small things or even the things that we are horrible at doing. Do them any way.

It is also a reminder that there are a lot of really good-hearted people in the world. Provide an opportunity and it bring out the very best in all of us. One little often seemingly insignificant opportunity. . . . .You really never know the impact you may have on another.

The great British reformer and author Thomas Hughes said it best, “Remember there’s always a voice saying the right thing to you somewhere, if you’ll only listen for it”