Peter Carbone Sensei: Another Exemplary Seminar

Turn the clock back 2 months and my “martial arts self” was stagnant. Attendance at my school had flatlined and we were in dire need of new Ki.

Ask and ye shall receive. Every hear of that one? More importantly, ever apply that one?

Fast forward to the present and my school is booming like never before. New students have help infuse new energy into current students and into yours truly. Vlad released yet another high quality Systema video. Guru Eddie Quinn’s Silat seminar was one of the very best I ever attended and yesterday was yet another martial arts masterpiece.

Peter Carbone Sensei presented a 5 hour training in Okinawan and Philippino Stick Fighting. Having trained with Carbone Sensei last year, my expectations were very high. Not surprisingly, he managed to exceed these.

Some people are gifted martial artist, having put in the time that most others were not willing to. As a result, their skill levels are in the stratosphere. Others are incredible Teachers, having developed the skill to present information in a learnable fashion. Carbone Sensei is one of those rare individuals who has developed both. The 15 or so students in attendance were the grateful recipients of over 4 decades of training (which included nearly 30 trips to Okinawa).

Much information was covered to say the least.  . . .

  • Striking zones
  • Counters
  • Combinations
  • Disarms
  • Counters to disarms and probably more that is still swimming around in my grey matter right now.
I am most appreciative of Peter Carbone Sensei for coming back to Central Florida and once again, offering this incredible teaching. Our pre- and post-seminar chat about Shodo and various aspects of the martial arts, along with his very generous training offer was most kind and generous.
A side note too. A thanks to John Krieger Sensei for his work behind the scenes. It was a first class seminar from start to finish. One thing that always stands out to me his how respectful Krieger Sensei and (not surprisingly) his students are to everyone in attendance. Again, I would use the word “exemplary” to describe this.
Overall, it appeared that everyone had a great time. I thoroughly loved it and look forward to seeing Carbone Sensei in August.