CFL Systema, Version 2.0

Up until yesterday, attendance at our school was sluggish. After a booming year in 2010, our school reflected the economy and the happenings around the country. I was having serious doubts about continuing and even greater doubts about my abilities as a teacher and a director of a school. What was missing? Where was I off target? Shouldn’t thing be easier the more experience and skills are developed? I spoke with my teacher and found some solace when he mentioned that every teacher goes through this. Even after 2 decades in Systema, he is still dealing with the ebb and flow of attendance, internal questions and personal questions in general.

Quantum physics is one of my deep interests and following its basic principles, a week ago, I decided to re-invent our school. We would no longer participate in the “economic crisis” or any other bad news that was occurring. Quantum physics says that multiple realities are happening simultaneously and we choose which we want to manifest. I chose abundance.

Yesterday, 6 new students came to class. This morning 4 more sent emails requesting information and they are expected to attend next week.

I have learned a tremendous amount from the study of Systema. It is by far, the most impactful, interesting and effective art I have ever studied. From kick defense to knife work to breathing and countless areas in between, Systema has been a huge addition to my life.

On a much greater level, it has provided the opportunity to work on areas which are challenging (putting it mildly) to me – faith, patience and endurance.  They make dealing with 4 opponents at once seem simple.

And they matter much more.

Today, I am marking the grand Re-Opening of Central Florida Systema, Version 2.0.

Come join us. You never know what you will learn and how your life can improve.