Interest, Commitment and Positive Results from Changes

There is a principle in quantum physics which states that “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Translation? Whenever there is empty space, it will eventually (and usually very quickly) filled.

You may think that this is an interesting principle, but what does this have to do with my life? The answer is simple and powerful — Everything! Clear space and something will fill it – positive, negative or neutral, depending upon us. I am not referring to old clothes in your closet although this is probably the simplest (and most comical) example. Clear it out and 6 months later. . . . well, you know the rest of this.

Last week, I decided to revamp our training schedule and eliminate Thursdays. My business has been expanding dramatically, and coupling this with other factors, what was fun and enjoyable was becoming a source of stress.

I take teaching seriously in the sense I want to present this incredible art to others in the best fashion possible. Systema and its creators (Vlad and Michael) are certainly deserving of this respect and effort. Time was becoming limited and the decision was made to reduce the number of class days. As such, Thursday classes were cancelled.

Nature abhors a vacuum and not surprisingly, this space is already being filled. For starters, I have had more interest from new Students as reflected in the numbers of phone calls and emails in the past week compared to the past 2 months combined. A number of new students have come and most importantly, committed to training on a long term basis. Two of our “core” students have committed to stepping up their level of training and will be coming to W. Palm with me, as well as doing private lessons.

The word “commitment” is being used by many and is extremely encouraging. Like any martial art (or anything in life for that matter), there are those that have an interest and those that are committed. The former come and go and typically begin sentences with “I can’t because. . . . “ The latter group has as many factors (such as family, work, friends etc.) yet prioritize and begin sentences with “I will find a way despite. . . . . .”

One is not “good” or “bad” per se, but each will produce drastically different results. The former is entertainment. The latter is characterized by skill development and eventual mastery. Those who excel at anything, or are prosperous, healthy and abundant have made the crossover into commitment.

Personally, the end result in this simple change and subsequent observation is a refreshingly renewed sense of passion and excitement for this art that I love. And yes, a deepening of my already strong commitment to Systema training.

The vacuum is already being filled. I wonder what else it will bring.