Bo Seminar

I realize I am wondering off topic here but when someone of Peter Carbone Sensei’s talent and experience comes to the area, it is worth the venture into uncharted territory.

Typically, Bo training is not a part of Systema. In fact, it would not be too surprising if you never use a Bo or any of the movements you will learn in this seminar directly. That being said, I am really looking forward to this training. I took the “Okinawan Stick Fighting Seminar” a few months back and was extremely impressed. It has been a huge help in my Arnis training and indirectly helped with Systema. Good movement is always useful, regardless of the art of origin.

And so is good instruction (or in this case, great instruction), and Carbone Sensei was one of the most interesting and dynamic teachers I have ever come across. Few can match his experience, travels and skill level. Very, very few.

Take a Saturday afternoon off, grab a Bo and come join me. It will be worth it.