New Year. New Ideas. New Plans

2011 is here and we are ready go at Central Florida Systema.

Last year was our very best, having met and then surpassed our student enrollment goals. In addition, we had the pleasure of hosting several seminars and being a part of the prestigious IIMAA Seminar in the summer. Add some creative classes on topics ranging from stick fighting to knife throwing and it was certainly an energy-filled, information packed year.

This year, we have committed to upping the ante. Our goal is to double our membership. In addition, we will offer additional classes such as fighting in the water, car, more groundwork and other topics unique to Systema. We are also looking at hosting the 1st Orlando Martial Arts Symposium sometime toward the end of summer. As we complete details, they will be posted to the site.

As you can see, each year the bar is raised and 2011 marks the expansion into uncharted areas.

If you are already a part of our school, great! Your participate is needed. If you are not. . . .COME ON BY. We would love to have you a part of a growing, exciting martial arts venture.