Explaining Systema Strikes Based on Natural Medicine Concepts

This blog was inspired by an excellent question posed by a fellow Systema practitioner, Darren.

When a systema punch lands and the energy goes very deep into the body, how do you explain this based on natural medicine? By the way, I loved your recent article.
Nice question! I had never thought of it like that. (Thank you for the comment too.)

I would suggest that Systema punches, when done properly and deeply (i.e. When Vlad hits you for example), penetrate the 4 main levels or layers of protection the body typically has:

1. Protective Layer
2. Qi Layer
3. Nutritive Layer
4. Blood Layer

I suspect it causes energetic disruption in all of the layers, particularly Qi and Xue (Blood). As such, with precise intent, there can be major disruption to an organ using this type of striking. Fortunately for us, individuals such as Vlad or in my case, David Merrell are of the highest of character; that is, though they are more than capable of causing such damage, their intention is never the case. Good thing for us!

In addition to the aforementioned, there would be an extreme disruption in qi and blood flow in several a meridian(s)**, depending upon the location of the strike. As you may know, meridians are “one way streets.” In other words, the energy is designed to move in one direction only. If this flow is interrupted, pain, bruising, injury and even disease(s) can occur. Theoretically at least, death can even be the end result.

The deep discomfort or pain that we feel during such strikes is the end result of abnormal flow of qi and blood, particularly the former. That is one reason is can be removed as quickly as it is given. If you have ever witnessed or experienced the “removal” of said pain and how quickly that can occur, it is rather amazing to say the least.

Thank you again.


** Meridians are pathways of energy. Most originate from the feet or the hands, and flow in one particular direction. For example, the lung meridian flow from the hands up toward the lungs themselves.


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