Arnis is a martial art that has fascinated me since I first saw it at a tournament some 25 years ago. I thought the coordination, foot work, swiftness of strikes, odd angles of the strikes and the pure fun of it was something that I wanted to incorporate. I also loved the rhythmic sounds of the sticks striking (one of my quirks I guess).

Yesterday I took a class in Arnis and it lived up to my expectations. Though the building was unbearably hot (older warehouse, no AC), the class more than made up for the inconvenience. We worked on basic movement with the baston (Arnis sticks), single and double baston drills, partner drills and a variety of exercises that required more hand-eye-foot coordination than I had in my arsenal at the time. Most of all, I found myself smiling and having a great time.

I committed to working Arnis training into my life, 2-3x per month. It is a bit of a drive – about 40 minutes from my home and given my schedule of running a business, training for marathons and an ultra, teaching Systema, taking Systema lessons in W. Palm Beach, learning Japanese, taking a training in Taoism and of yes. . that home-husband thing. . .a couple of times a month seems about right.

For now. . . .


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