IIMAA Conference

This weekend’s IIMAA Martial Arts Conference was a success. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this event. Each person represented themselves, our school and the art of Systema in a respectful and  honorable way. Patrick, Stevie, Carlos and everyone else who came were exemplary martial artists and individuals. I was proud to see this and more proud to call them friends.

There were significantly less numbers than projected but I cannot tell you the last time I had soooo much fun. Just pure pressure-free fun. We trained hard as evidenced by the dozen or so bruises that I have counted so far but the smiles and laughter more than made up for the temporary discomfort. After weeks and weeks of taping and editing and taping and more editing, it was a relief to just blow off some steam.

In the process, I learned a great deal. The light went on in many areas and I can see my Systema  improving and more so, the areas where SO much work is needed. The latter always seems so much more clear. (Why is that??)

There is a long road ahead. . . . which is the great part of it.


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