Saturday is THE Day

We are less than ONE week away from the biggest event in our school’s history — our presentation at the International Independent Martial Arts Association national seminar. Along with over 35 presenters and an expected crowd of over 1000 participants, we will be presenting a 30 minute introduction, followed by a 2 hour workshop on Saturday.

We are honored to be a part of this spectacular event which includes over 20masters and grandmasters of various arts, UFC legends like Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson along with martial arts Hall of Famers like Bill Wallace and Don Wilson.

Our own Hall of Famer, David Merrell and yours truly have the distinction of representing Systema. We look forward to presenting our version of this art, promoting the Central Florida Systema school and bringing honor and respect to Vladimir and all who are involved in Systema.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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