Precision and Movement

If you have not purchased the DVD, Precision and Movement, please do so. If I was to offer a suggestion, it would be to start with this DVD.

You already know about Vlad. He is truly a master of this art so I will skip the superlatives for now. You may not know about Sergei Ozereliev. He is from Moscow Spetsnaz Units such as SOBR, recipient of high government honors for counter-terrorism operations and outstanding military service and  Senior Instructor at Mikhail school in Moscow.

Carlos and I had the pleasure of training with him about a year ago in Toronto. We still talk about it and learn from our experience, despite time passing.

Sergei is very soft spoken, humble individual which may lead to shall I say, painfully inaccurate conclusions. He is one of the top Systema masters around and this DVD highlights some of this skills.

“Continual flow.”

Those would be the 2 words I would use to describe his Systema. The movements are not dramatic or “attention grabbing,” just deadly effective. Just when you think you have hit locked on the radar so to speak, he is at your side or back, typically with a strike or take down.

Individuals who trained with Judo founder Jigaro Kato used to say that wresting with him was like wrestling with an empty jacket. Sergei and Vlad exemplify this notion as well, even taking it to the next level.

Precision and Movement is a must for any serious Systema practitioner.


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