Lessons from Systema

One of the phrases I use frequently in class is “Pay attention to the lessons behind the lessons.” I learned this concept from watching the Masters like Vlad and from my own experiences with the art of Systema. And life in general.

I realize. . . . . .

You are not just learning to take a punch. You are learning to practice courage. After all, having someone wind up and clock you in the gut can be fear evoking.But we do it anyway, challenging fear and overcoming it.

You are not learning just about moving away from a knife attack. You probably will never face this scenario in your life (hopefully God is reading this blog). You are learning to avoid situations of conflict, learning to re-direct them peacefully and move beyond to a calm resolution.

You are not just learning about movement, rolling and avoiding kicks. You are learning that what ever life situations may arise, the key is to relax and let things unfold as they will. You are learning to have patience and when the time is right, seize the opportunity. You are learning that life is about participation and focused action. “Oh it just happens” or “It is what it is?” NO! It is what you make of it.

Learning about Systema. Learning about Life.

Is there really a difference?


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