Ahead of Schedule

Before we moved into our new training facility in January, I was asked to provide projections; that is, what types of numbers could we have and what time period would this occur. I am most happy to say that we are now 1 1/2 years AHEAD of projections!

How did we do this? I would like to say it was my great skill and marketing acumen and uuhhhh . . .. . . .  but I would also like to say that I won the lottery seven times, have a house in the Cayman Islands and unicorns as pets. All kidding aside, the truth of the matter is that our success is built upon a number of small factors:

The group. Our group is dedicated, respectful and hard working. And yes, we have a ton of fun woven in between. Unlike other schools I trained at, there are no cliques or hierarchy. We are all equal, moving along the same path. We may be moving at different speeds and have different starting points but the direction is forward for all. It is most impressive to watch and an honor to be a part of this.

The kindness of others. We cannot begin to express our deep gratitude to Kermit Gonzalez Sensei for allowing us to use his space at no cost for almost a year. We are forever grateful to you and cannot thank you enough.

Secondly, the kindness and thoughtfulness of Jori Bell and others at the Winter Garden Rec Center has also been remarkable. We are very appreciative for the wonderful opportunity and have made the most of it.

Reflections from the top. I am a firm believer in the “pyramid theory;” that is, what happens at the top is reflected downward. From Vladimir Vasiliev to my teachers, David and Rick Merrell to everyone we have met in seminars and trainings, all have been exemplary martial artists and human beings. The skill levels of those at the top such as Vlad are just incredible, yet he has a simple, humble, “regular guy” attitude with everyone. I think this combination of tremendous talent and humility trickles down to all who have had the honor to train with him and call him friend. It is certainly a benchmark to strive for, both on and off the mats.

Same holds true with David Merrell. He is the best martial arts teacher I have ever had and our school is a reflection of him. We are all very thankful to all of you.

When you add everything up, one thing stands clear. The little things. . . .

. . . they really aren’t so little!


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