Orlando’s School for Russian Martial Arts

Welcome. You have begun your journey to the most amazing martial art around, Systema – the art of Spetznas (Russian special forces).

Read more about this art and the people involved. When you are done, come join us for a class. I am sure that once you have a taste for what this art can do and the great people involved, you, too, will want to become a part of Central Florida Systema school.


Systema is one of the most creative, powerful and effective martial arts on the planet. It is characterized by free-flowing, relaxed movement without anything pre-planned. There are no memorized techniques. No stances. No katas. No ranking.  It is pure training and movement. It is combat and street tested.

If you have been training in other arts, here is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and open yourself to new experiences. If you have never done any martial art, we welcome you to experience the strength that comes from relaxation.


Central Florida Systema is dedicated to learning this Russian martial art, as well as exploring how Systema can help improve our lives and the lives of others. It is about practicing this art for self-defense and self-development.

We are certified by Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema‚Äôs co-founder and affiliated with Senior Instructors, David and Rick Merrell of South Florida.

Central Florida Systema was founded by Dr. David Orman, the first Systema Instructor in Greater Orlando. He has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, holder of 5 black belts and 2 other Teaching Certificates and was the first to bring Systema to the Orlando area.

Come join us. Our doors are always open to new people.

Central Florida Systema

There are basically two reasons people train in martial arts:

  • Personal protection
  • Personal development

The former can be learned in a couple of hours.

The latter takes a lifetime.

Here at CFL Systema, we are in this for life. We train not only to become better martial artists but to become better people.  It is the vehicle,  often challenging and physical, that helps us achieve our goal.

With Systema, we practice punches, kicks, multiple opponent defense, groundwork and so much more.

We also practice courage, kindness, comradery and humility.

Take a class and experience it for yourself.

Now that You Are Ready. . .

Come join us. Classes are at 7 pm on Monday nights at the Jessie Brock Center in Winter  Garden, FL.