Orlando’s School for Russian Martial Arts

Are you wanting some NEWNESS or SPARK with your Martial Arts training?  

Are you looking for something NEW, EXCITING and an art that is unlike any other? One that will help with self-defense and will also help with SELF-DEVELOPMENT? In other words, you become a better PERSON as you become a BETTER MARTIAL ARTIST! Welcome to Central Florida Systema.

Systema, the Russian martial art used by Spetsnaz, is just what you are looking for!

Central Florida Systema is the only school in Greater Orlando which offers this unique training style. Come watch a class or participate. Experience the power and the softness. Learn HOW to move in a natural way instead of memorized, predetermined steps.

Systema  is one of the most creative, powerful and effective martial arts. It is characterized by free-flowing, relaxed movement without anything pre-planned. There are no memorized techniques. No stances. No katas.  It is pure training and movement at its finest.

If you have been training in other arts, here is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and open yourself to new experiences. If you have never done any martial art, we welcome you to experience the strength that comes from relaxation. The freedom of movement that comes from flow. 


Experience Systema TODAY

Systema’s co-founder, Vladimir Vasiliev  writes:

Russia had to repel invaders and attackers who brought their distinct styles of combat and weaponry. As a result, Russian warriors acquired a style that combined strong spirit and effective against any type of enemy under any circumstances.”



Who We Are

Central Florida Systema is dedicated to learning this Russian martial art, as well as exploring how Systema can help IMPROVE OUR LIFE and the lives of others. It is about practicing this art to help us find better and better versions of ourselves. 


Our school is open to anyone, regardless of rank or prior experience. We share information in an informal environment, practice movement and work to master this exceptional art to the greatest degree possible.

We are certified by Vladimir Vasiliev,  and affiliated with Senior Instructors, David and Rick Merrell of South Florida.

Central Florida Systema  was founded and is owned by Dr. David Orman (click to read more), the first Systema Instructor in Greater Orlando. He has been training in martial arts for over 30 years and brought Systema to the Orlando area in 2006.


Our Classes

Come experience a class for yourself and feel what it is like to practice Systema. Our classes are on Monday nights in Winter Garden, starting at 7pm.

In addition to our main focus of Systema, Internal Arts, stretching, acupuncture points (for healing and for combat), nutrition and much more are covered over time.

We also have many special events, seminars, guest instructors and happening throughout the year.

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